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Whoops!!!! January went by so fast I didn't realize that February is here. Yes, February.

With February already here it means that our Happening is only a couple of months away. If you would like to help with the Happening this year, please contact Cathy Lewis, Stuart Shandle or Patty Knutson. Hopefully, you are all trying to get Trophy sponsors for the Happening. Any questions regarding Trophies please contact Bob Romeo. Just like the past few years we have our "Flyer Guy" Dave passing out Happening Flyers at Car Shows out of the area. He has handed out flyers at The Vista Burger Run and the San Juan Capistrano Car Show. With more Car Shows starting to happen we will be able to hand out flyers at these events. Bob Wright will be talking about the Happening at the San Diego Car Club Council Meetings as well as handing out flyers.

Speaking of Car Shows, don't forget this Sunday Feb. 10th. Steve Waldron is having his annual "Cruisin Grand" Fundraiser Run. It is from 8 AM to 1 PM. We will be parking in our usual spots on Kalmia St. Bob Wright will be emailing everyone with all the details. Hope to see everyone there.

If you have not yet renewed your Club Membership please do so by March 15th. Send or bring dues to Ron Lewis.

By our next Club Meeting (Feb. 21st.) our Club Plaques should be here. We have ordered 25 Plaques so there will be enough for everyone and some left over for new members. A special thanks to Gene Owens for putting all this together. Any questions please contact Gene.

Before I forget---- On the 22, 23 and 24th of this month is the Big 3 Auto Parts Exchange and Car Corral. As usual, it will be at Qualcomm Stadium. Bob Romeo will be bringing the Club Trailer to this event. Again this year and thanks to Dennis Lutz we be having a vendor stall right next to his. If you would like to sell any car parts, etc. please feel free to bring them to our vendor stall. All we ask is that you stay in the vendor stall while trying to sell your car parts etc. Hope to see you there.

Again, if you have an idea for a Club Event please contact Bob Wright.